Distribution of new and innovative products in Europe.

I have been working in computer product distribution through various companies. This allowed me to master most aspect of the product life cycle from development to technical support through localization and pre-sales support.

I have been working with leading companies at their distributor company or their European subsidiary. I have been in charge of product management, technical support, pre sales support, manufacturing, documentation and localization.

With a good experience on desktop publishing and digital printing, I have been in touch with heterogeneous networks, Internet technologies, collaborative software and so on.

Autonomous and proactive, flexible and self-adapting, I have been working with human size company where each and everybody participate and participate in all activities needed to create a successful business.

From pre sales and post sales support, I have a good experience of analyses of needs and prescription of solutions. I am able to do consultancy and advisory.

I am open to innovative company in the fields of Internet technologies, knowledge management, and artificial intelligence...

François Granger

Last update: 20020531